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  • What does it cost?

    We avoid giving ‘guestimates’ and we never take a one-size-fits-all approach.


    Without knowing the particulars of the job, of course, it’s very difficult to know what to include in the price. The detail always affects the costs.


    All we have to sell is our time and creative expertise. Once we’ve taken a brief we will estimate the likely cost. We will always talk to our clients to work out how to achieve the best result for a project and how to do it within the available budget, which is important for all of us.

  • Will I like the design?

    The design process is collaborative; you’ll brief one of our key designers and the work will develop in stages.


    Before we begin we’ll have discussed what you want to achieve so we’ll be starting off in sync.


    We’ll present designs to you at each stage so you can tell us what you think about our creative work. By the time we reach the final design you will have seen and approved each development stage and the end result should delight, but won’t be a nasty shock.

  • How many amends can I request?

    At each stage of the design process we’ll ask for your feedback and make up to two sets of amends, if necessary, within the price agreed. If it looks as though the time taken to tackle the amends is greater than we’d anticipated for the complexity of the job, we might discuss the need to revise our estimate (before we start that stage of the work).

  • Will the colour of my logo look the same on all platforms?

    The nature of modern technology means it is essential to have a logo that is suitable for cross-platform and print use, but it is important to know that it is impossible to achieve an exact colour match for ink and screen-views.


    In addition, the huge variety of devices that will display your logo makes it impossible for designers to adjust colours for every use. That said, the variation in colour should be negligible and we work hard to get the best possible result for any logo by supplying print (CMYK) and screen (RGB) versions of the same logo.

  • Are you a full service agency?

    Yes, indeed. We will tackle your website, newsletter and social media. And your brochures, exhibition stands, business cards, promotional items, company reports, email campaigns, packaging, sales leaflets, signage, t-shirts, banners and anything else that merits creative marketing input…

  • When would I need a copywriter?

    Whenever you need someone to write words that send a powerful message. Whenever you struggle to find time to edit the pieces you’ve written (and we can’t stress the importance of editing enough, just so you know). And whenever you think it would be good if someone ran an objective eye over any text - whatever the source - and pointed out typos or inconsistencies.


    Our copywriting service includes first (second and third) drafts of text for print or devices, editing and proofreading.

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